Join the future of crypto payments!

Vultor redefines crypto transactions with NFC tap-to-pay on mobile, eliminating fiat and card involvement. Embrace seamless digital payments today.


All you need is a phone

Accept in-person, cryptocurrency contactless payments from customers using everything from physical cards to Apple Pay, and other digital wallets. No extra hardware or terminals needed. Leverage NFC technology with crypto!

Accept cryptocurrency anywhere!

The Tap-to-Pay feature on mobile devices streamlines payment processing in cryptocurrencies, enabling merchants to conduct sales globally.

One card, is all you need!

Experience the future of seamless and secure transactions with Vultor's revolutionary NFC-enabled card. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple cards – Vultor's all-in-one solution empowers you to make payments, manage cryptocurrencies, and access your digital assets effortlessly.

Settle transactions instantly

Why wait for money that could be working hard for your business? With Vultor, you can access all your earnings within minutes of a sale*. Simple and seamless.

Vultor crypto exchange

VultorEx is your gateway to a world of seamless cryptocurrency exchange. With a user-friendly interface and robust security features, VultorEx empowers you to effortlessly trade and diversify your digital assets. Our platform provides real-time data, comprehensive charts, and advanced trading tools, ensuring you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Vultor NFC cross compatibilty

Vultor's NFC technology offers cross-compatibility, allowing our cards to work with different wallet apps like and Binance Pay. Our SDK ensures seamless integration, making crypto transactions convenient and versatile.


Purchasing of Vultor (VLT) tokens can be made in ETH or USDT. Make sure you have enough of each token in your wallet to proceed.


1. Send ETH or USDT to your wallet

Purchasing of VULTOR (VLT) tokens can be made in ETH or USDT. Make sure you have enough of each token in your wallet to proceed.

2. Connect wallet and buy

Connect your wallet to the site and simply swap ETH or USDT for Vultor (VLT) using the buy widget above. There is no tax for presale transactions.

3. Claim tokens when sale ends

All presale participants must claim their tokens from this website using the same wallet they used to contribute, when sale ends.


Token information


Name / Symbol: Vultor (VLT)
Maximum Supply: 1B
Initial circulating supply: 480M
Token sale: 25%
Marketing 10%
Founders 20%
Staking 12%
Advisors 3%
Partners 6%
Ecosystem 24%
Platform: ERC-20


20​20 Q1

Conceptualization and initial research of Vultor project begins.

20​20 Q2

Forming a core team of developers, designers, and advisors.

20​20 Q3

Developing the technical architecture and security protocols for Vultor.

20​20 Q4

Initial testing of the Vultor card prototype.

20​21 Q1

Further development of the Vultor card prototype, focusing on security and usability.

20​21 Q2

Conducting extensive testing and refining the Vultor card design.

20​21 Q3

Establishing partnerships with payment processors and financial institutions.

20​21 Q4

Preparing for the regulatory requirements and compliance procedures.

20​22 Q1

Obtaining necessary licenses and approvals for operating as a decentralized banking system

20​22 Q2

Developing the Vultor mobile wallet app and integrating it with the Vultor card.

20​22 Q3

Conducting pilot tests with selected merchants to validate the usability and acceptance of Vultor.

20​22 Q4

Preparing for the official launch of Vultor.

20​23 Q1

Launching Vultor to the public and opening presale for users.

20​23 Q2

Marketing and promotional activities to increase awareness and adoption of Vultor.

20​23 Q3

Onboarding additional merchants and businesses to accept Vultor payments.

20​23 Q4

Collecting user feedback and making necessary improvements to the Vultor ecosystem.

20​24 Q1

Expanding the Vultor user base through targeted marketing campaigns.

20​24 Q2 A

Enhancing the security features of Vultor to ensure the safety of user funds.

20​24 Q2 B

Launch Vultor's white-label solution to enable cross application payments via the Vultor ecosystem.

20​24 Q2 B

Listing on CoinMarketCap & CoinGeko.

20​24 Q2 C

Listing on Bittrex Global, YT exchange and WhiteBit exchange.

20​24 Q3 A

Exploring partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate easy conversion between Vultor and other cryptocurrencies.

20​24 Q3 B

Listing on changelly.

20​24 Q3 C

Conducting regular audits and security checks to maintain the integrity of the Vultor system.

20​25​ Q1

Scaling up the Vultor infrastructure to handle increased transaction volume.

20​25 Q2

Collaborating with financial institutions to offer additional banking services through the Vultor platform.

20​25 Q3

Introducing new features and functionalities based on user feedback and market demands.

20​25 Q4

Continuously improving the Vultor ecosystem and expanding its reach globally.


Vultor's Tap-to-Pay technology is compatible with a wide range of NFC-enabled smartphones, making it convenient and accessible for users to conduct secure crypto transactions on their mobile devices.

Vultor's Tap-to-Pay on phone allows you to accept a range of payment methods, including popular cryptocurrencies like VULTOR, USDT, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. This NFC-based solution makes accepting payments fast and efficient for both merchants and customers.

You will be able to claim your Vultor $VLT tokens once the sale ends. Tokens can be claimed from this page, and it's important to note that the claim must be made using the same wallet that was used for the purchase. Stay tuned for the end of the sale to initiate the token claim process!

Ethereum stands out as the most utilized and secure blockchain, boasting numerous decentralized wallet choices that simplify the process for purchasers to securely store, monitor, and exchange Vultor tokens.

If you require any help, feel free to reach out by emailing [email protected] or consulting a moderator within our Telegram group.